A dress can say who you are without even saying a single word.

I know I don’t usually write about clothes but yes I do love fashion as well. 2 years ago my brother proposed to his fiancee – I have 2 brothers and no biological sisters (although i do have good friends who i consider as my sisters). So naturally I was really excited when I found out I would be getting an official sister 🙂 So when me and my mum were thinking about what we would wear I thought it would be the perfect occasion to splurge and get myself a dress I always dreamt of wearing – something that could be custom designed for me; reflecting my taste, character and complimenting my figure. When this happened I was still overweight but I had already started on my weight loss journey and I wanted to be a size 12 by the wedding. I pictured myself in a gorgeous royal blue dress that was vintage in style. But after attending a couple of events and seeing so many women in royal blue I changed my mind. I wanted something unique so I needed to go and explore what was available.

We decided to go to Camilleri Paris Mode as I always wanted a designer dress made by them. So we walked into the Atelier and Victor and Elisha started showing us fabric. As soon as victor showed me a piece of Material by Luigi Verga I knew I wanted it immediately. I pictured myself in an asymmetric skirt made from this fabric.

We matched some material to it to make the top one color and the skirt the star of the dress and then Victor showed me the flowered material that could be matched and I loved it as well – we didn’t know how we would use it as yet but we wanted to incorporate it.

So within an hour I had purchased the material for my dress then we moved on to my mums. Mum chose some amazing Lace by Vera Wang and a green base which is completely out of her comfort zone as she usually doesn’t wear greens but she also wanted a unique piece and we both walked out feeling certain we would have just that.

Elisha designed our dresses based upon what we had in mind and sent us sketches of our dresses and we returned a few months later to make appointments for measurements and make sure all was ok. I ended up changing the colour of the material we would be using for the top as I wasn’t convinced but in the end I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. Unfortunately I got very ill a month before the wedding and lost 10kg in a matter of 2 weeks. The staff of Camilleri Paris Mode were extremely patient and understand and started my dress as late as we could so as to let me recover as much as possible. A special thanks goes to Marthese who sewed our dresses and was really patient in taking in my dress and working with the delicate french lace for my mums dress. They truly know what it means to put the customer first.

We both loved wearing our dresses on the day – we felt absolutely amazing and thats one of the main aims of fashion. I consider myself to be a bold, strong and colourful woman and my character was reflected in my dress. It was all complimented by amazing make up by Martina Bonello and a lovely hairstyle by Alison Martin from Stranje Hairdressing. I wore a small headpiece from Coast in my hair whereas my mum wore 50 year old vintage head piece made from Ostrich feathers.

Thank you to Elisha and Marthese from Camilleri Paris mode; Martina and Alison who made us feel absolutely beautiful on the day <3 … so if you have a special Occassion coming up and want to feel like a million bucks i truly recommend them 🙂