Hi everyone :) I'm Belle

I am a pharmacist by profession and a pharmacy owner. Up to December 2018, I owned a small village pharmacy in Zebbug which I loved. However, I have decided to move on to another passion of mine and that is helping people overcome issues with body image and weight and health. Ever since I was young I loved explaining and teaching - and I used to do this every day in my job with my patients now I try to use this website and Social media to educate about health. I was also always very artistic - I used to play music when I was younger and now I have also delved into Photography and writing.

I have a special interest in health, weight loss and fitness as many of you know I have lost 47kg so far and still have 12 more kg to go :) So you will see many posts from me about my weight loss and fitness journey. Recently I have also started helping people with their nutrition and guiding them towards intuitive eating- feel free to contact me should you need any advice. Weight loss is a lifestyle change it's not something that will come to be with fad quick-fix diets - if you decided to do it you need to be ready to change your life.

​ I also love makeup, skincare and travelling so travel blogging is an area I also wish to explore more - I am hoping to have more time to travel and share my travel stories with all of you over the next year :)