Asepta fortifying mascara and gel review

A good mascara is an essential weapon in every woman’s beauty kit. With the best mascara, lashes become lengthened, volumised and separated. It’s an essential product if you want to really open your eye up and achieve the perfect flutter. From old classics to new and exciting modern formulas, there are so many mascaras to choose from that it can seem hard to know where to start looking.

My brothers were both blessed with naturally long eyelashes unfortunately mine are short and not too thick 🙁 Apart from that I’m not much of a mascara girl myself – because my eyes are quite sensitive – they get red and itchy and I end up rubbing my eyes resulting in a huge mess as you can imagine. So I used to avoid wearing mascara as much as I can. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that will get you looking glam quicker than a coat of thickening, lengthening mascara. And I always felt a little naked going out without a proper mascara even though i’ve tried many. I was always hoping to find one that made me look glamorous without irritating my eyes

Last month I was given the Asepta Ecrinal Mascara and strengthening gel to try out.

The gel helps eyelashes and eyebrows to grow. Strengthens and embellishes. Prevents further loss and promotes re-growth. It is very easy to use with the applicator brush and is colorless and non oily, can be used at night or daytime under the mascara to improve its hold! I have seen a difference in the thickness and volume of my eye lashes over the past month which I’m really happy about. One of my clients also purchased it for her eyebrows as they have started thinning out abit and she told me that she has already seen results too. In fact I plan on giving one to my mum as she was thinking of getting them done with micro blading and Im hoping this will help. :).

With regards to the mascara it is a very light mascara – you need to apply a couple of coats to see the volumising effect. There are quite a few brands that make them instantly fuller and longer but even though you need a couple of coats it does not clump and its not heavy on the eyelashes so I quite like the effect and luckily it does not irritate my eyes so i can wear it when Im wearing lenses and when im wearing my specs and I am completely comfortable with it. In addition it stimulates the natural growth of eyelashes so for women looking to increase the length and thickness of their eyelashes or women who have lost some eyelashes due to using fake eyelashes alot or medical treatments its the perfect addition to your beauty routine. I will definitely keep using it myself.

Apart from that it is also very affordable 🙂 So thanks Asepta Malta for letting me try out these great products.