Day 16

Awareness Around Your Cravings

This video is all about getting awareness around your cravings. With awareness, we’ll know what we are working with, and then know what we can do for growth and change!

Here are some questions to reflect on in your journal (please share in the Facebook group too!)… 

What type of cravings are you? For what type of food?

What texture, taste, or feel do you desire?

What’s the experience of eating that you desire?

What’s the environment these desires or cravings typically happen in?

What’s the specific pattern, time, and/or circumstance you have them in?

What are the typical emotions or thoughts that accompany your cravings?

What’s the desired emotional state you’re after when you go eat?

Remember, you’re not going to need to focus on this forever! In fact, challenge Key #4 is about taking your focus off of food and truly living your life! 

For now though, this focus and awareness is required for change and freedom! We’ll tie all the pieces together soon!