Day 28

I am so proud of all of you – we have arrived at the end of this challenge. You have 2 days left where we will be doing some deep work together šŸ™‚


I truly canā€™t wait to see the ripple effect of positivity and change your growth has on your life.

Food Freedom Forever is about more than your personal freedom. How you show up impacts not only you, but those around you, and therefore the world. We are honored to be a part of that!

Question for reflection in the comments…

1) What’s your biggest takeaway from this video?

2) Out of all of the things we shared, what’s the main thingĀ you feel you’ll need to build resilienceĀ up for so you can haveĀ lasting freedom?

The challenge is almost over, but your journey doesn’t have to be! Let’s make your transformation last for life!Ā 

If you want to…

  • Make all your breakthroughs last for life
  • Eliminate self sabotage and “starting over”
  • Feel confident with food through the holidays
  • Break free of emotionally driven, compulsive, and/or habitual patterns and behavior with your food
  • Build on what you’ve learned to ensureĀ ease with your food becomes second nature
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and your connection to your body so you never have to struggle with food again

Let’s make food a small nourishing part of your holiday season instead of a large consuming majority of it!

Your time is now.