Day 29

From Struggle to Freedom

Happy Day 29! Second to last lesson of the challenge! I can’t believe we are almost to the end of this incredible 30 days together! Let’s finish strong!

Day 29 and 30 are great no matter how far along you are, what lesson you are on, or how you’re feeling! So be sure to watch them both!

In today’s lesson we take a look where you were before you started, how far you’ve come, and where you are going!

This lesson will help you dig deep, find motivation even if you’re feeling resistance, and truly commit to making Food Freedom Forever a possibility for yourself.

Tomorrow, we get to step into all that is possible for you! I can’t wait!

Questions for Reflection in Your Journal…

**Using the questions asked in the video, please add up your scores to each question and get two scores for where you were before the challenge, and where you are after!

  1. What’s the difference between the two scores? How far have you come?
  2. What’s the impact of not breaking out of this struggle and into freedom on the way you feel? Short and long term.
  3. On your energy, health, and vitality? (short and long term)
  4. On your quality of life, goals, and dreams? (short and long term)
  5. On those you love, your family, your relationships, your friendships? (short and term)

Question for Reflection in the Facebook Group…

Biggest takeaway from this lesson?

What’s your why and motivation to stay committed to finding Food Freedom Forever?

Struggling with food not only impacts you, it impacts those around you, and therefore the world…

We don’t have time to wait for your brilliance! Whether it’s on your own, or having us grab your hand and walk you to freedom…

now is the time to commit to making LASTING change! You got this!

Cheers to your freedom! Love, Belle