Day 3

Are You Eating Enough?

Here we uncover the signs you are in survival mode which will drive you to think about food more and eat more food. It’s important we get REAL here! It’s easy to feel like we are eating enough, but in reality, our body is telling us otherwise.

Signs You’re In Survival Mode and Not Eating Enough

Thinking about food often
Increased cravings that can feel consuming and “out of control”
Compulsive urgent feeling to eat whatever you have a craving for
Overeating at meals or snacks
Can feel physically full but have a hard time feeling satisfied
All or nothing / on track off track – way of approaching food “I better get this all in and start over tomorrow”
Once you start eating those forbidden foods it’s hard to stop

“Daily Lesson” Questions to Answer in The Facebook Group

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What signs of survival mode are you experiencing?

How does this impact how you relate to food and eat?