Day 30

Food Freedom Forever

Ahhh last Video Lesson of the Challenge! I loved making this lesson for you, but was sad at the same time. It’s been so incredible to lead you through this journey!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead you, for trusting me, and for the growth it’s provided the community you’ve been a part of!

In this lesson, I talk about Food Freedom Forever: What it is. How to have it. And what would stand in the way of you getting to it and staying there.

I discuss the “fork in the road” moments that will constantly be presenting themselves, and how to make the choice that honors you, the timeline to food freedom forever and so much more!

We dig deep, and look at all that’s possible for you with it!

Questions for Reflection In Your Journal

What’s possible in your life with food freedom forever?

How does this feel?

How does food freedom forever impact your energy and health (short and long term)?

How does food freedom forever impact your life and goals and dreams (short and long term)?

How does food freedom forever impact those you love…your relationship, your family, and your friends (short and long term)?

What are you going to do to ensure this happens?

– – –

Commit to this. Affirm it. Stay the course.

Seek professional support that feels in alignment with the true you when you need it so you don’t have to struggle.

You do NOT have to do this alone!

Power Statements to Keep Affirming:


– – –

Next Steps…

This challenge has laid a beautiful foundation for Food Freedom Forever.

To make sure the embodied transformation happens and truly lasts for life it takes time, consistency, a clear cut plan, and a supportive environment so those new patterns can form.

Im here for you! 

Love, Belle