Day 4

Are you Mentally Dieting?

In Day 4’s lesson, we are talking about the SNEAKY little dieter inside your head. You may not be PHYSICALLY dieting or restricting, but my guess is you have an inner dialogue that judges your food choices, approaches things all or nothing, or keeps you disconnected from what your body TRULY needs.

Focus Item

Pay attention to your mental dieter, what s/he says, and how s/he operates. Feel free to capture this in your journal for reflection.

Dismiss the mental chatter inside your head that makes you feel “wrong” for your food choices and keep choosing nourishing and satisfying choices from the inside out.

Daily Lesson Thread (Answer This Inside the Facebook Group)

1) How does your mental dieter show up? What does she say? How does this leave you feeling?

2) What’s the impact of this inner voice on your food choices?

3) What’s a loving (or not so loving haha) way you plan on telling your mental dieter you don’t need her any more when she pops up and tried to take you off your path to freedom?