Day 5

Wooooohoooo DAY 5!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

In Day 5’s lesson, we take a look at how weight loss fits into this process, if wanting to lose weight is ok in this program, and what the one thing is to stay away from that can lead to weight gain. I’m not going to spoil anymore for you…all the goodness is in the video 😉

Your Questions For Reflection to Answer in the Comments…

1) Where has a tunnel vision focus on weight loss gotten you in the past (long term)?

2) If you’re triggered and want to do the short term quick fix how do you plan on switching your attention to what’s going to be most supportive for you now AND in the future?

Keep Going!!

Keep it up! Remember…nothing is a failure! It’s just feedback. Adjust, experiment, and keep moving forward one small step at a time!