Eyebrows, the one thing you can get into shape without exercising

So we are both very well informed about aging – we both have a carefully planned and selected face care routine the includes a variety of cleansers; toners; masks; scrubs; eye creams; serums , sunblocks etc. One of us has hit 30 a while ago whilst the other is hitting that milestone soon. And as every birthday approaches we realise that we need to up our game a little bit more each time ( Belles birthday is in less than a month in fact) and over the past year she had stopped waxing her eyebrows because of all the articles showing that waxing can increase the risk of pigmentation and increases the breakdown of collagen; loss of elasticity of the skin and sagging – well no thanks we are not gonna waste all the money we spend on face products just to have pretty eyebrows.


However a few months down the line and her face sort of lost its shape – the eyebrows are after all the frame of the face. So we did our research by asking around on the beauty game and women for women Facebook pages and found out that there are a couple of very good places to get threading done in Malta. Belle had a girls night with some university buddies in March and one of her friends who now resides in the UK told her: ‘well prepare to cry but the result is so much better than waxing or tweezing you just have to try it.’ So she called Niumee in Mriehel and set up an appointment for threading.


Now we won’t lie she was terrified she would make a fool of herself and jump up half way through the process. She was so stressed she barely brushed her hair before the appointment – we are sure charlotte was not too impressed when she walked in for the first time. However she’s a real professional – she gave her a form to fill up and asked her some questions and explained the whole process before she started. Threading utilises a piece of cotton thread, no messy hot wax, just plain and simple! Belle thought it would be really painful, and she is terrible with pain, but we did the right eyebrow first which is usually her least painful side. It felt strange, like an annoying, itchy file going over the skin. At times it tickled and other times (like when there was a hair with a giant root) she wanted to slap her hand away.


It was a pain she could deal with, actually cant even describe it as pain more of a strange feeling, so people with a normal pain tolerance should be fine. Belle admits that eyes watered so much that she ended up wearing her mascara all over her eyes and cheeks as a result. So Belle’s tip here is to just not wear any eye makeup or remove it prior to the appointment.Threading sculpts your eyebrows like no other treatment. The accuracy and attention to each tiny hair cannot be achieved through any other hair removal process.