Happy feet

I have what I call “ballerina feet”. Even though I haven’t danced a day in my life – well apart from my university days on the box at the edge, coconut and sugar shake, but honestly, my calluses bunions are more likely a result of poor footwear (I love flip flops and high heels). I battle with dry, cracked heels in the wintertime AND summertime (I do tend to live in sandals during the summer…) and have tried just about every remedy known to man or womankind.


Either way, I enjoy pampering my feet, so i often get pedicures but somehow the result never lasts very long.

So when Gloria told me about the new SVR Exfoliating foot mask i was really excited to try it out. I ordered 2 – 1 for the pharmacy shelf and one for the weekend for me. I decided to watch an episode of Sex and the city and i whilst i listened to Carrie Bradshaw’s musings i slipped on the SVR foot mask. The mask fit me like a glove (my feet are on the large side you see – like the rest of me that is – i wear size 44 shoes so if your feet are bigger it wont fit you). You need to leave it on for an hour – remove it and rinse your feet.

Gloria had informed me that the dry/cracked skin won’t disappear immediately it takes approximately 3 – 4 days for your feet to start peeling. The sock/mask is exfoliating and moisturising – so it will target all the stubborn hard skin but will protect the healthy skin 🙂

After 3 days I looked like a snake – my feet were shedding skin faster than snakes do – i was so embarrassed i put on running shoes for a few days since as i walk around skin was falling off everywhere. After having seen such a result I convinced Steph to do the same – now its her turn to shed skin hehe in fact this evening we were out with a few friends and she also showed up in closed shoes.


If you are one of the unfortunate ones with dry, cracked heels like me, I would strongly suggest you give this a try! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! And its a good excuse to actually spend an hour relaxing and doing nothing else since you cannot excatly walk around wearing these socks 🙂


What is your favorite remedy for dry, cracked heels and feet?