How do you know you have found the one?

So far the major love of my life, the one who has never let me down, made me cry or left sad and angry at the same time is my handbag collection. and every time that i open my closet and I see my gorgeous babies sitting next to each other i get palpitations and butterflies at the same time and each one holds a special place in my heart.

Many friends always comment on my bags and the always ask me why do you need so many? why do you spend so much money on your bags can’t you just get one nude or black one to go with everything! To those people | say each and every one of my babies is the one 🙂 and here is a list for all you handbag lovers out there that helps me find the right one each time.

1. I Can’t Stop Thinking About It

With my Job i don’t get much time to roam around shops, unless I am on holiday of course, but I am the queen of online shopping especially when it comes to handbags. While I have on occasion made impulsive purchases for example on the day an old woman shat in front of me at the pharmacy and I had to clean it up – i mean come on after a traumatic experience like that you need to cheer yourself up a bit. However it’s not normally in my nature to see something for the first time and buy it right there on the spot. However there were times where i spent hours searching tonnes of sites and I could not stop thinking about that one bag – the one I saw and fell in love with immediately. Every night i think about how i want to make that particular bag mine and even if i do not believe love at first sight exists when it comes to men, it sure exists when it comes to bags and that is how i got my amazing Alexander Mcqueen and my Fabulous Tory burch, my sexy Prada and my timeless Chanel.


2. You Plan Outfits to Wear It With

This one is the sign when purchasing almost anything (be it shoes; bags; dresses and even lingerie) that I’m making a good choice! This helps me determine whether or not a bag, or any item for that matter, is truly ‘my style.’ If I can’t picture it with pieces that I already own, then probably it’s not meant for me. While I am an avid bag lover that doesn’t mean every beautiful bag is me. If it doesn’t go with what you’ve already got, then chances are it won’t be going home with me tonight.

3.The Thought Of It Gives You Butterflies

The most obvious of the bunch; if it doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, than it probably just isn’t meant to be. Sure, there are a lot of things out there that I like and wouldn’t mind having in my closet, but then there are those super special pieces that owning them would make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. For example Steph feels that way about her sparkly shoes and I feel that way about almost every bag in my closet.


so thats my list – what is your list? how do you know that you have found the one.