How to get your skin to glow after summer

Hot summer weather is a negative triple whammy when it comes to our skin: it feels tight, looks dehydrated and tans tend to disappear in a flash. Time to implement an ultra-moisturising beauty routine!

Post-summer is the best time to lighten age spots, to soften rough skin, and to reverse some of the wear and tear that your skin takes during the summer. The lazy days of summer are great for your psyche, but they are hard on your skin. Plus, your anti-aging skincare usually takes a back seat to your “fun in the sun.”

Late summer and early fall are the best times to start getting your skin back in good shape and to give your skin the much-needed attention it craves, including:

  • Prepare your skin for the cold of winter
  • Tackle some of your skin rejuvenation goals
  • Get your skin looking its best for the holidays
  • Treat some of the skin problems left over from summer

At the end of summer many girls feel frustrated that they have more freckles, blotchy skin tone, and darker age spots. Even if you used good sun block all summer inevitably this will happen.

Even out your complexion by using targeted spot treatment products. Professional-strength glycolic acid creams and lotions are the most powerful non-prescription skin care products to get rid of hyperpigmentation skin problems. Pick the right product based on your skin type and use it at night to treat discoloration on the face, as well as helping with dark patches on the neck and chest.

While you can’t undo damage caused by UV rays, you can protect your skin from more damage in the future. Sunscreen is essential and you need to wear it every day all year. We also now have powerful, professional-strength antioxidant skin care products that you can use daily to replenish your skin’s antioxidant reserve. This reserve is depleted by inflammation and UV exposure. The best products are ones that contain very high concentrations of vitamin C and green tea. These can support skin healing and help your skin fight sun damage. Vitamin C can also help lighten hyperpigmentation too.

Exfoliate for smooth and attractive skin

Skin is always dull and rough after a summer full of sun and outdoor activities. When your skin surface is covered with dry, dead skin cells it needs more than a deeply hydrating “advanced formula” moisturizer to make it feel soft again. Exfoliate to reveal the smooth skin underneath and to improve the absorption of your other skin products.

Every morning apply a hydrating serum and invest in the latest generation of moisturisers – face creams that are infused with essential oils. They work a treat by deeply nourishing skin and giving us back our glow, without a hint of shine in sight. A great alternative to mattifying creams!

In the evening, opt for a comforting, rich cleansing oil.

And every other evening, unwind for 15 minutes by treating yourself to a hydrating face mask. When done, just wipe off any surplus that hasn’t been absorbed with a tissue.

Don’t forget to use a good anti fatigue eye cream 🙂 to keep the eye contour area hydrated and healthy.

Take some collagen and anti oxidant supplements to give your skin condition a boost. As you may know I have been using Imedeen and they are amazing.

Get your diet back on track

What you eat matters to the appearance and health of your skin. Brush up on the facts, then tweak your diet accordingly. Don’t expect that taking a supplement will give you a “dietary bypass;” there’s no substitution for getting the vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber that you need for optimal skin health by eating a diet composed of whole foods, fruits, and veggies.