Imedeen – true Beauty is being the best version of yourself both from the inside and outside.

A few years ago my skin was horrible, and I don’t use that word loosely. I had a very aggressive case of adult acne, my face had blotches of pink and purple and a large amount of pustules were located around my chin- and as a result my self esteem was also terrible. I used to use a large amount of make up and keep my hair in front of my face to cover up as much as I could.


After several years of treatment including a year on Isotretinoin which, resulted in terrible side effects, my skin finally looks good and I always tell every one that the suffering I went through that year with the extreme side effects was worth it as now I love my skin – its one of the few things I openly praise about myself. I even like my skin without make up which is saying something since I also love all things make up.


Me with absolutely no make up on

Of course once the acne cleared up I continued taking excellent care of my skin. I drink lots of water; use a scrub several times a week; use a day cream; sunblock; eye cream; night serum and several masks on different days for hydration; luminosity etc. I first heard about Imedeen from Allison the brand skin specialist. I’ve known Allison for a good 5 years now and she also takes great care of her appearance. When she mentioned that her company were thinking of importing Imedeen I immediately hit the net looking for information about this brand and it immediately interested me. As soon as it was available for sale I stocked it at my pharmacy and decided to try it myself.


In several studies I have read over my career as a pharmacist it is shown that approximately 90% of skin ageing is a result of external factors such as environment (pollution in Malta has increased drastically), lifestyle including: Stress, smoking, alcohol, junk food, and the amount of time spent in the sun – all of these produce free radicals, which are enemies of our skin. Free radicals attack the skin in a process known as oxidation.

As we start to grow older our skin’s essential supportive structure starts to break down slowly. Collagen fibres bundle together, elastin begins to lose its spring and this will result in fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the skin’s surface especially around the eyes and forehead. The older we get and the more exposed our skin has been to the elements, and the more help we need to keep looking great.

Imedeen is one of the best-known and best-selling anti-aging supplements around the world, and it’s designed to support collagen and elastin production and moisture-retention levels in the skin, as well as help fight external aggressors like UV damage. Imedeen skincare tablets work on the skin from within, to improve its overall structure, quality, and appearance.

My main objective with this trial is to see some improvements in the very fine wrinkles on my forehead (which are probably the result of me frowning too much), reduce the dark circles around my eyes as well as achieve more radiance and smoothness in my skin. The dark circles under my eyes are a big concern for me, so I will be watching this area closely to see if there are any improvements. So when I decided to buy my first pack Allison performed a skin test and we could see that even though I drink a lot of water my skin still lacked some hydration. My collagen levels were ok but of course started declining as I was almost 33 at the time. According to my skin test Imedeen Derma one was the ideal one for me (Imedeen time perfection and Prime Renewal are also available in Malta). The Derma one is packed full of Vitamin C to support collagen, as well as a special marine complex for protein and zinc which is a potent antioxidant which will fight the process of oxidation.


My first skin test showing that my skin is not very well hydrated , collagen levels are ok but already declining. The marker for density is found in the yellow portion of the graph seen on top.

Of course,miracles don’t happen overnight, we performed a 2nd skin test after taking Imedeen for 12 weeks (and in the meantime I also turned 33) and as you can see in the picture bellow the collagen density has increased significantly (if you look at the graph the higher up in the green area the skin mark is the better the quality of the skin and mine is now well into that area, so basically I have gotten older since I started Imedeen but my skin has become younger). The hydration has improved a lot (in fact my skin feels better and not just on my face – I don’t have dry skin on my feet; heels and elbows anymore – usually I used to spend ages applying body creams to these areas). The dark circles around my eyes are still visible, however they have decreased and I am hoping that with a few more months of Imedeen they will clear up (I will update you again in a few months time).


12 weeks later my skin is better hydrated and the skin density has increased already in fact we can see that now the marker has shifted into the higher portion of the graph (green part)

If anyone is interested in getting a skin scan like I did, you can contact the brand skin specialist Allison on 99842647. I do want to remind you that Imedeen – and any oral supplement – is a long-term investment and something of a lifestyle commitment, like wearing a proper sunblock daily (as we discussed in last weeks post sunblock is an essential part of any daily routine) and drinking enough water daily. Do not expect a quick temporary skin-fix you should be prepared to take it on an ongoing basis as a longer-term investment for your skin. But if like me you want your skin to appear radiant, soft and attractive at any age then Imedeen is definitely something you have to try. Don’t forget Beauty has to start from within.