PINKO clothes – new collection, my thoughts and a positive message.

Last Friday, I attended the Pinko brand launch by Dizz Group at Lusso in St. Julians. My friend Caroline Abela who owns the blog Diva inside invited me with her as her guest. Now, as many of you know my blog is centred around health, nutrition and self-esteem, but fashion can also be related to health and self-esteem.

Let me start by mentioning the event on Friday 13th September first. The event was terrific, with lovely food and drinks, and the gorgeous Tiffany Pisani was spinning the decks and providing all of us with great music. We got to have a look around the store and see some of the new collection on the gorgeous models.

Tiffany Pisani Looking gorgeous whilst wearing a dress by PINKO

Have you ever heard of PINKO? It is an Italian brand, which has been around since the late 80s. PINKO is the brand for all of us independent, strong and sexy women, aware of our femininity and sexuality and not afraid to show it off.

For those who know me, you know that Environmental sustainability is essential to me. We only have one world, and we need to take care of it, and I always think about the environmental impact of everything I do; including what clothes I buy and wear.

My outfit for the night was a dress I bought five years ago, and I have had it resized. Since I lost a lot of weight, I had to change a lot of my clothes but all those clothes I managed to resize I did. Now you may be asking yourself why am I bothering to do this and not just throw everything out? In a landfill, decomposing clothes release methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and lycra can take hundreds of years to biodegrade. So can you imagine the damage all those clothes are doing to our mother earth? Having said that I am a girly girl and yes I do like to treat myself with some new clothes every once in a while, and if I were to do that PINKO would be a brand I would recommend!

My outfit for the night

PINKO promotes low-environmental-impact traffic solutions by providing charging points for electric vehicles within the car park areas for its staff. They do not use any animal furs in their garments to reduce the hunting of endangered animals. Pinko also launched a project which will see 10,000 fruit trees planted in Kenya. This project is called the PINKO forest; this fantastic initiative will feed and support the local community with its mix of mango, banana, avocado, cherry and macadamia nut trees. The garments, made from organic cotton and splashed with colourful watercolour designs and embroidery are also fantastic to look at and will make you feel extremely feminine. I plan on buying myself one next week. Follow me on Instagram to see my shopping trip.

Some examples of the Pink outfits

The fabrics used in all of PINKOs clothes are all produced with new technology to have less impact on the environment. So if like me, you are conscious of what you wear, then this brand is excellent for you.

More clothes and bags by PINKO

PINKO clothes also come in several sizes so whether you are petite or curvier, you are sure to find something from this range that will suit your figure.

Now let’s talk about self-esteem. I use clothing to communicate something about who I am, and as armour to guard who I am. Do you ever notice if the clothes you wear reflect your mood on that day? How fashion affects our self-esteem is an important topic when dealing with self-worth and living your best life. Clothing does reflect your personality – for example, I can say my character is quite loud, so I love colours usually, but when I feel down or feel like I am bloated I reach for black clothes. So yes, what we do wear ultimately reflects our confidence. So it’s worthwhile to take a more in-depth look into what you’re reaching for in your closet and how to make fashion choices work best for you.

This doesn’t mean that you are a shallow person because you allow yourself to feel great in a sexy pair of jeans! A little self-indulgence can feel rejuvenating and uplifting.

So please go ahead and dress for success. Whether it’s for your inner self-satisfaction or the desired outcome you are looking to achieve. When I lost my first 40 kg, the first thing I did was get a designer dress, and I felt like I was worth a million bucks in it. I am still worth the same amount in my gym wear, but it has helped my mindset and given me a more positive outlook on life. Whatever you own in a physical sense will never measure up to or exceed your worth as a person. Just remain mindful that the clothes you wear do not make you any more worthy of finding happiness or success. Those intangibles were included with the beautiful skin you were born in.

My designer dress after my weight loss journey

So if you do need to feel good and be treated great for a day head over to Lusso and have the staff show you all the amazing clothes and accessories and make you feel special, because of they surely know-how. I have shopped there before, and I had always felt like a valued customer and never made to feel bad about my looks even when I was heavier. On the other hand I have been made to feel unworthy in other local stores when I was called oversized for wearing a D cup bra despite being a size 14 nowadays.

For those who have been following me for a while now you know that I have been involved in organising self-esteem workshops. These were a hit with all participants. We will be hosting more of these workshops in the coming months, and we will be having a fashion stylist showing women how to dress for their size and where to shop to feel like a queen that you all are. So keep following our fashion section if you are interested. But if you are in doubt in the meantime visit Lusso you will not be disappointed.