Polaar Skin care products – a review

I change my skincare ‘wardrobe’ every time I change my actual clothing wardrobe over from winter to summer and vice versa. However, this year I realized I had probably left it a couple of weeks too late as my skin was dull as ditchwater, flat and dry to touch. Luckily Caroline from ta xbiex Perfumery sent me these amazing new products to try out. I am not new to Polaar I have used the ice source wash before which I absolutely love love love. It doesn’t lather a lot but it leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft 🙂 so if you are looking for a face wash that cleans but doesn’t dry out your skin then polaar is for you.

As you know I have been working out for a year now and ever since I started working out my face feels tight and uncomfortable. The summer heat and the being in the AC all day doesn’t help with this at all … but since I have combined the Ice source cream and Ice source night cream with my anti pigmentation serum and Polaar wash my skin feels so much better — MYGODINHEAVEN these products are instant joy in a jar for my face. They contain Glacier water which immediately quenches thirsty skin. They are Paraben, alcohol and mineral oil free. And don’t worry Polaar are 100% environmentally friendly and not tested on animals too – you can have a look at their mission statement to double check. They even use recycled material for the boxes which I love.

And the smell is just so fresh and invigorating – it has to be smelled to be believed, felt to be obsessed over and experienced in its entirety to see the positive effect on the skin.

Use it alone, after cleansing, over serums, under anti aging moisturiser, , under makeup, on an airplane, in your car, at your desk, when it’s hot, when it’s cold..wherever and whenever.

Then theres the night cream … I’m not one of those people (numpties) that say you should wash your face and then go to bed without putting anything on it to replenish it. I’m all for oils and balms – non-mineral oil obviously…Polaar night cream is designed to reinforce the skin, regenerate the skin and relieve it from stress due to unfriendly weather conditions while hydrating and nourishing the epidermis. It’s comfortably thick, but absorbs well, and leaves a layer, but not a thick residue, if that makes sense.I used it religiously for the past 10 days – I even kept it on my bedside table so that if I woke up during the night I reapplied and if i can say so myself my skin has never glowed this much 😀 Now I plan to use it only before going to bed as my skin feels completely restored 🙂 yeay

I posted a pic a few days ago people where commenting about how good my skin is looking. So yes I have to say I am in love with these products. And if you want to pamper yourself even more they have the skin quenching face mask – you can apply that between once to twice a week. All together they make an amazing routine to give you glowing; comfortable hydrated skin and its perfect to use in summer weather.

Of course I also use my sunblock during the day don’t forget to apply it every morning on top of your moisturiser 🙂