30 day Stop over eating challenge

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Are you ready to take on the “30-day overeating challenge”? Register now to gain access to this 30-day challenge! The challenges will be released starting on April 20th and continue for 30 days! After your completed purchase, you will receive an email inviting you to the private facebook group for the challenge. If you do not receive the email immediately please check your spam folder.

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***With everything that’s happening in the world, acting fast is more important now than ever! 
This Challenge is for you are:
-Overeating food that is stocked up at home, then feeling guilty after
-If you are having uncontrollable cravings
-If you are finding comfort in food
-or if you are eating past the point of fullness
-If you have done a million diets and always end up putting weight back on
-Turn to food for comfort
-Binge eating

Ready to step into the most confident, empowered, and happy version of yourself so you can navigate this difficult time with ease.

Most likely, you’ve tried different types of control tactics with your eating up until now that leave you feeling defeated and discouraged because they don’t last.

I’m going to personally guide you through a step-by-step process that will eliminate your stress about food and overeating (while stuck at home) in 30 days or less.


Diets and mainstream methods to control your eating – even the healthy balanced lifestyle approach ones (cough cough, Paleo, Whole 30, Weight Watchers etc) – do some crazy stuff to your brain and body.


In short, they activate a response inside of you (think of it kind of like a “switch” that gets flipped on) that literally makes you tunnel visioned to overeat. 
If you ever experience more that 3 of the following, then it’s a tell-tale sign that this “overeating switch” is flipped on for you…
  • ​You’re grabbing sweets when the overwhelm, stress, or boredom gets to be too much
  • ​You think about food a ton
  • ​You’re cravings or urges to overeat are really hard to say no to
  • ​You’re eating food as a distraction from all that’s going on
  • ​Once you start with “forbidden” foods you tend to finish what’s on your plate or in the bag
  • ​You don’t feel “satisfied” often but rather need to eat a lot to feel full
  • Even when you are doing “good”, food isn’t easy. You have to effort a lot and work hard to control yourself
  • ​You second guess yourself. You feel confused on what you should be doing.
  • ​You’re worried about going back to normal life after the quarantine period and looking like a different person because of gaining weight
The strongest will power, best coach,  or most incredible plan in the world will not override your physiology! 


-Rewire your relationship to food
-learn to love your body
-learn how to understand what your body is craving
-rewire new healthy habits into your day

11 reviews for 30 day Stop over eating challenge

  1. Angèle Cristina

    Bellle has guided us so well through this challenge. Her level of expertise and knowledge is so high, and she shared so much, that the price you pay is next to nothing compared to what you will learn and gain. The keys given, skills and tools will not only last through the challenge but for the rest of your life! If you need a place to start, this is it – join today – I guarantee that you will NOT regret it. Belle is a professional in her field and her approach and genuine care is very very rare. I truly recommend her and this challenge to anyone struggling with food, weight and self-confidence.

  2. Stacey Abela

    Belle have me the tools I needed to love a full healthy life and not turn to food everytime something went wrong. She was there for me along the way for support when i asked and even che led on me every now and again when i was super quiet.
    I’m really pleased i took the time to do the course and i highly recommend it to anyone who is a yoyo dieter or who turns to food as a support.
    Thanks Belle. 🙂

  3. Jessica (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend this enough, Belle was right there with us every day, the content of the material was amazing. I was skeptical before I started what an impact 30 days can possibly have, but I was wrong. 30 days later, I feel more equipped to handle this. My battle with food is far from over but I have solid tools in hand to move forward now!

  4. Ruth Bajada

    Have nothing but praise! Have been through this reflective and inspiring journey that taught me so much about myself. Marisabelle was nothing but supportive and empowering alpng the way. Her genuine care yet professional nature shone throughout!

  5. Marisa Zahra

    When I jumped into this program I had thoughts of losing so many things. The obsessive thoughts about food, the compulsive behaviour. the guilt, the shame, But I had no idea I would gain so much! New perspectives on my life and my body, hope and optimism for the future, restored courage and faith in myself, increased self esteem and self respect and smoother family interactions. I have been able to move foward with my life and goals. Knowing this is just the beginning of the journey is so inspiring. It feels as though a thick cloud hanging around me has lifted and I can see clearly for the first time. Thank you Belle. I cannot believe all the support you gave us for just 30 euro.

  6. Peter Marc Borge

    I have finished this amazing challenge and started working 1:1 with Belle and I had to share my wins with all of you! I am an on cloud 9 as I write this. I had a major win within the last few days. I’ve been able to easily take the role of an observer of my behaviors lately and watch and grow from a place of love and curiosity. It seems my brain is starting to give in to all these changes and embrace them. This morning I was getting ready for my first hydrotherapy session and I caught the eye of this man n the mirror. He looked so kind and at peace in his own skin. It was like seeing an old, familiar friend after many years apart. I wanted to hug this person and tell him I missed him.. He was attractive and confident. Upon a closer look, I realized that man was me! This rocked my world in the most subtle of ways. The kind of shift that no one else will likely notice but feels like you can never go back to how you were before this moment. I am so so excited for where this journey is taking me and also proud to say in this moment, for the first time in years, I feel like there is no finish line; only here and now and that’s divine. ❤️ All of this is thanks to this challenge. It has been hard work – I cannot say it was easy. Dedicating time everyday to work on my relationship wtih myself and with my food. Thank you Belle! Thank you! Bring on an amazing 2020. If you are still on the fance about working with Belle I highly recommend you take the plunge today!

  7. Kelcy

    Throughout the challenge Belle provided us with valuable information daily in the form of videos as well as posts. These prompted a reflective and inspiring adventure that taught me a lot about myself and what my strengths and weaknesses are in order to better address them in the aim of moving forward and building better eating habits and a better relationship with food. it was a slow subtle shift in mentality which looking back now I realise how valuable it was and I couldn’t recommend this programme enough for this. The best thing is that this programme doesn’t focus on restricting yourself or the food you eat but how you perceive your body and the food as nutrition not as a reward or a punishment. Belle was therefor everyone at every step of the way to help and encouraging the progress. In short this programme is a must to gain self respect and more self confidence, in addition to shifting your mindset to a positive outlook. Big thanks and a well done to Belle it has been a pleasure, will be re-reading and re-watching all the tips I was thought through out this month.!

  8. Gian Cuschieri

    Hello all,

    I would like to leave a review of this amazing challenge. I have started this challenge because especially in Weekends I was ending up binging in food especially while watching movies at home, then looking at the mirror pitying my self for what I did. Since I started the breathing and mastering my mornings especially I am finding my self not anymore in the need to binge. I am managing to control the hunger without entering in the starvation mode because I am being able to be happy in my body. I have lost a considerable amount of inches from my waist and I am feeling much better. I am so grateful I met Marisabelle and this challenge which I highly recommend to others to give it a try. Surely like my self and all my fellow friends who did this challenge, one will feel better. I am really grateful :)🥰

  9. Chiara

    I have struggled with my relationship with food since i was a teenager. My first diet was when i was 13. I have tried diets and plans and lost weight only to put it back on again. All of these issues caused deeper issues with my self esteem, and my anxiety. The challenge thought me so much! I learnt how to listen to my bodies needs and also my relationship with food is so much better. Belle was amazing. She helped and guided us all along. I started working with her 1:1 afterwards as I felt I needed to solidify all I learnt. And to my surprise it has helped me lose weight, improve my relationship with my husband and now I am also pregnant. We have been trying for 4 years – we have done tests and were told we were fine but i was never falling pregnant. Shifting my relationship with myself and food put me in the right mindset and everything now is falling to place. I am so happy I met Belle. You changed my life!

  10. Daniela

    I started following Belle and joined this challenge straight away. Its a fresh, cool and such an informative way of tackling and dealing with food. This goes beyond the usual diets and do’s and dont’s, we ve heard and seen about those on every media available. Its a concept that helps you deal with weight issues from a different perspective and resulting in more self respect. Once you get there everything starts falling into place. Thumbs up 🙂

  11. April Boton

    Before I met Belle, I was on a low-carb diet (with lots of cheating). I have no idea that restricting myself to eat what I want to eat do more harm than good physically and mentally. I restrict myself from eating vegetables and fruits because a lot of them are considered as “high-carb” foods.

    RoadtoBelle 30-Day Challenge taught me to love myself more. I learnt that eating to be “satisfied” and ‘nourished” is so important. And building a positive relationship with food and body–listening to my body and making adjustments to my meals based on what my body tells me works best for a long term than my usual way of eating that has a strict meal plan.

    The morning routine that Belle taught inside the 30-Day Challenge benefited my whole family including my mom (who has hypertension) and my husband (who’s normally stressed working from home). My mom’s hypertension didn’t spike up anymore since she started doing breathwork. My husband seems to be more relaxed than before since he started the morning routine taught by Belle.

    One of the best features of this challenge is that I can do it at my own phase. Honestly, I was left behind on the daily lessons and morning routine. But I managed to catch up because the resources and recordings are available anytime.

    Thank you Belle. I know I have more to learn. But the 30-day Challenge is a life changer for me.

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