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My name is Belle, Pharmacist, Intuitive eating coach specialising in eating disorders. I help people foster a positive relationship with food and their body so they can live a happy, healthy life without stressing about food choices. Here’s the thing, I often hear from clients who I help how they tried getting their “eating habits together” by going on a new diet. However, the end result is deprivation, food guilt, food anxiety, and overeating!

Sound familiar? I’ve been there, and let me tell you it’s not you – its the diet! In fact, research has shown that 95% of diets fail and 66% of people gain back more weight than they lost.

I want to show you how you don’t need diets (and the stress it comes with) to live a healthy and happy life!

I help people ditch the diet and heal their relationship with food because I GET IT! I struggled with yo-yo dieting for over 20 years. I tried every diet in the book and all it did was make me feel food-obsessed, restricted, and like a failure every time I couldn’t stick to the ‘plan’. Dieting would chip away at my self-worth. I’d feel ashamed and guilty for “breaking” and binging and go straight back to dieting. Then repeat the cycle.

Listen, we have enough daily struggles to deal with. We don’t need food guilt on top of that! Ain’t nobody got time for that! And besides, there is nothing healthy about feeling guilty over what you ate.

I was able to break free of this unhealthy dieting cycle and unhealthy eating habits when I learned about Intuitive Eating and learned about rewiring pathways in the brain. Intuitive Eating teaches you to reclaim the innate skills you were born with, which is to regulate your eating by connecting and trusting your internal cues from a place of self-care and awareness. It teaches you how to honour your health AND taste buds – without restriction, deprivation or food rules. Food is no longer a struggle for me and I now teach other people how to live this way, too. Over and above that I can also help you understand why your brain is wired that way and together we will rewire your brain to have a positive relationship with food.


Food becomes peaceful and healthy eating is simple when you learn what drives your eating habits and understand how to listen to your body.

I can now enjoy a date night out to a restaurant without worrying about what will be served and leave feeling satisfied instead of bloated. I can enjoy going to ice cream with my friends because I’m no longer anxious that it will spiral me out of control. I trust myself and my body – it is truly freeing and I want you to feel this way, too!

If you tried every diet in the book, if you are tired of obsessing over food if you want the scale to stop ruling your life if you want to foster a positive body image if you are done feeling guilty and stressed over what to eat and how much if you want to rewire your brain to stop bingeing and overeating – you are in the right place! Living a healthy and happy life shouldn’t be difficult. If you are ready to make peace with food and nourish yourself with joy and confidence.

Thanks for being here! You can do this! You were born with the power to nourish yourself – it is time to reclaim it for the healthy and happy life you deserve!

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1 review for one to one coaching

  1. Joanne

    When I met Belle I was extremely overweight I struggled with anxiety and depression and many times I used to eat my feelings and binge at night when everyone went to bed. I learnt so much in the past year working with her. I have not binged in months now. I did not binge through lockdown! I even lost weight! She changed my life. Thank you! Thank you Belle! All I can say its a journey! Don’t give up wherever you are at right now! Do the deep work with Belle. She will get you there

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