Scandal – Jean Paul Gaultier

One of the benefits of owning a pharmacy is that I get to attend lovely training sessions about new fragrances and make up and skin care ranges. Today I was invited to the training Seminar of the amazing new perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal and the new Paco Rabanne perfume for men Pure XS. I absolutely loved both scents but i want to elaborate a bit more about Scandal since I believe I have finally found my signature scent.


Gaultier is a well known name in the world of fashion and beauty he is well known for his irreverent style which has led to his being known as the enfant terrible of French fashion. Gaultier caused shock by using unconventional models for his exhibitions, like older men and full-figured women, he has played with traditional gender roles in his shows such as introducing skirts for men and he is also the creator of the well known cone shaped breasts for Madonna. This earned him both criticism and enormous popularity. He likes to push the barriers and this can not only be seen in his designs but also his fragrances. Gaultier is no stranger to scandal and now he has created the most amazing Scandal of all.


The amazing new perfume will be launched in Malta imminently- it is sensual; playful; alluring, it makes you believe that you can do whatever you want. It has an elegant aura with the spirit of Pigalle – for those of you who have never been to Pigalle it is the area where the Moulin rouge is situated in Paris. An area of decadence, where the sensual woman can be whatever she wants to be – from elegant and understated to sensual, sexual and free.


Scandal is designed to break all cliches; to push the envelope and challenge sensuality. They are offering a modern, powerful and elegant scent composed of blood orange; gardenia; patchouli and honey – chypre for a warm, gourmet effect. Perfect for our modern society.

The bottle of this new fragrance is amazing as well – it has a chic transparent glass bottle with the stopper consisting of female legs, it is still being sold in the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier can bit this time its covered in fur to give it a more sophisticated look.

It is being marketed as a mix of sex and politics – showing that women can truly do whatever they want – they can be high powered politicians or business women whilst retaining all the sex appeal and sensuality they are comfortable with.

As a feminist I am truly in awe of what Gaultier has created with this campaign and it embodies everything I believe in. I love my job; I love being involved in many areas of society but I love to also wear feminine clothes; sexy shoes and underwear. On any day ill walk out of the house in jeans trainers and no make up on and the following day ill go out with a modern hairstyle wearing a figure hugging dress; full make up and still feel completely myself. This fragrance embodies all of this and more! As I said earlier I have found my signature scent – I have been looking for one for ages and this seems to be the right one.


The perfume will be available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml – only the 50ml and 100ml have the iconic legs on the bottle – So ladies if you are looking for an overdose of passion and you want to feel empowered and sensual on any day of the week – this is the scent for you.