The right sunblock for your skintype

I own a pharmacy and everyday I tell my clients to use sunscreen every day and every day I hear things like: my skin is oily sunscreen makes it worse; the sunscreen I bought last year had a bad smell so i didn’t use it, I don’t like having a shiny face, my skin is too dry so I use my regular moisturiser instead, I work in a dusty environment and the dust sticks to my face etc. Today there are so many different sunscreens on the market to suit every skin type that these excuses don’t hold any water. I will give you some examples so you can find the best sunblock for you.


  1. Greasy skin

Having an oily face is already a problem – you get regular break outs its like getting flash backs to your secondary school days; your make up doesn’t last long because of the excessive oil and in the heat it makes u feel sticky. So you need a sunscreen that keeps your skin from spewing oil – its not the kind of oil you can become rich from anyway. The best ones we found were Vichy dry touch sunblock and the new Bioderma nude touch – both are available as transparent and with some colour and will keep your face oil free all day long

2) Acne

When we take it a step further and we we not only have an oily face but we also have pimples and we want something that will not only not make it worse but reduce the pimples. For this we found Avene Cleanance SPF 50, and Uriage Hyseac SPF 50 to be the best available. They are non comedogenic; oil free and have a mix of ingredients that reduce acne.


3) Dry Skin and dehydrated skin

When you have very dry face and you need something that will make your skin feel comfortable instead of that feeling of your face pulling to one side. We found La Roche Posay Anthelios Comfort cream and Liearc Sunific face SPF 50+ and if your skin is dehydrated because you do not manage to drink enough water no mater how much you try – try the bioderma Eau De Soin – its not only hydrating but also a make up fixer – I keep it in my bag wherever I go.

4) Hyperpigmentation

If you have dark spots on your face you might want something that will help reduce pigmentation because in summer you need to tone down your antipigmentation treatments due to the sun. Again there are many available however from our experience we found Vichy 3in1 antidarkspots sunblock and the Ultra Sun Anti- age and anti pigmentation Face SPF 50+


Ha! This is the tricky one. Not everyone likes white cast, but If you’re looking for one that can substitute your BB/CC/ cream, then aim for one with white cast like the Avene Tinted sunblocks have a nice colour; and so does SVR Clarial CC cream SPF 50+

6) Can be applied to wet skin

People who spend their summer at the beach going in and out of the water know they need to dry up properly before reapplying sunblock and that can be annoying as the water keeps you feeling fresh in this heat. These are still quite a new concept – Anthelios Wet Skin is An invisible gel that is instantly absorbed and creates an film on the skin to help repel water. Vichy also have a wet skin sunblock.

SPF Protecttion is maintained even when applied on wet skin. Its also ideal for people who sweat a lot



Sunblocks don’t have to smell like feet. Imagine rubbing metallic-smelling cream on your face every day. That can be off-putting especially if you’re trying to get yourself on board! So if you’re not allergic to fragrance and don’t mind one, just go for one that smells good like the Lierac Sunissime SPF 50 or SPF 30 the smell is great.


8) Anti – shine

Men usually always say they refuse sunblock because of the shine so if you want to avoid that or want something that can be used on a shaved head go for La Roche Posay Anti-shine sunblock.

9) Non stick

Do you hate going to the beach and having sand stick to you as much as I do? Or are you working in area that feels like a construction site because of all the dust then you need a sunblock that is really non stick – Vichy Anti sand; SVR sunblock spray, Ultrasun Sports spray or Pupa golden spray – these are literally a mist so nothing will stick to your skin.



There are many more specific items – this is just a quick overview of whats available but you can get an idea of how many different sunblocks are in fact available and theres something that will be directly hit any of your needs so don’t just rule sublock out – we need to protect our skin – prevention is always better than cure.

We would like to point out we have no affiliation with any of the brands mentioned above.

Enjoy your summer ladies 🙂