Uriage Eau Thermale – Love your skin

Any one who has known me for a while knows how obsessed I am about skin care. Maybe its because my mum on my 12th birthday took me shopping for my first skin care items – she bought me my first cleanser, toner and moisturiser and my first make up set (- it was a Pupa compact in the shape of a lady bird <3 )… and we used to cleanse and moisturise together every evening.


Maybe its because in my early 20s I had a severe case of adult acne which took many years, many visits to dermatologists, loads of money and medication to get my skin looking and feeling healthy. And I thank my parents for all the money they spent on my medication and skin care products.


So now I am very careful about what I apply to my skin. Kirsten from Uriage spoke to me about their new Eau Thermale range and gave me a couple of the products to try out myself. Now if you have been following my journey you will know i have been losing weight over the past 7 months I have been dieting and exercising. Lots of exercise during the summer months result in loads of sweating so my skin has not been feeling very comfortable despite all the water I drink and all the products I use. So when Kirsten explained that this range was based mainly on Uriage Thermal water I was keen to give it a try. In fact Uriage Thermal Water has an exceptionally high content in minerals and trace elements in comparison to other thermal waters used in dermatology (11,000 mg/l). These minerals and trace elements play an essential biological role with recognized properties for the skin.


The face care range consists of: a light and a rich water cream, a serum, an eye cream and of course the Thermal water spray (there is also the body range but I haven’t tried it yet).

The Eau Thermale serum is by far one of my favourite skin care products of all time. It has a light texture and is absorbed very quickly by the skin, It does not leave the skin feeling clammy and after a few days of application my skin feels plumper, ready to receive make up and more comfortable in general. I also love the fresh and natural smell that the products have – for me the smell of anything that I apply to my skin is very important as I have to be comfortable with it all day long.


I tried both the light and the rich cream – I was thinking I would be needing the rich cream but the serum is so fantastic that the light cream is enough for my face to feel comfortable 🙂 Ill probably keep the rich cream for winter now – as jogging in the cold weather will definitely result in an increased need for hydration for my skin.

The eye cream is great for anyone with sensitive eyes – I have been taking Imedeen supplements which have helped my dark circles a lot already but since I started using the Uriage Eau Thermale eye cream I have seen a further reduction in dark circles apart from that over the past week everyone has been commenting on how radiant and refreshed I look and the only thing in my routine that has changed is the use of these products.

I truly recommend this range which is hypoallergenic and still smells really luxurious and fresh and which will satisfy the water needs of dry, normal and combination skins. You can contact Kirsten from Uriage Malta on their Facebook page should you wish to try out any samples – I am sure you will not regret it.